Why concrete instead of asphalt for my driveway?
While the initial cost of concrete is more, the long term cost is less because concrete life is two to four times that of asphalt. The strength, durability, maintenance, flexibility, and versatility of concrete is much better. With a concrete driveway we can mimic virtually any material such as brick, stone, slate, and even wood plank.

What makes your company different?
The J.C. Miller & Sons company is a business that has been in south Minneapolis since 1973. We use top quality materials such as 4500 psi concrete with steel re-bar for structural reinforcement. Our concrete driveways and garage slabs are a minimum five inches thick with fiber mesh throughout. Sidewalks and patios are four inches thick with steel reinforcement. Steps, both house and lawn, are a minimum of six inches with steel re-bar. J.C. Miller & Sons stresses quality workmanship.

Why Concrete?
Concrete is very flexible and versatile material. We can get virtually any look, or shape that could be imagined. Even with plain concrete we can put in curving sidewalks with hour glass shapes to give a nice entrance and approach to your home. If you like the look of pavers, flagstone, brick, slate, and even wood it can be done in concrete. You also get the benefits of concrete’s strength, long life, and low maintenance.

What are ICFs?
“Insulated concrete forms” are stay in place forms with two inches of Styrofoam on each side of a concrete wall. These forms take the place of block and are a much better product. ICF is 6, 8, 10, or 12 inch thick poured wall with steel re-bar, and furring strips to attach sheet rock. The exterior can be covered with anything from vinyl siding to brick and stucco. The “R” value is in the area of 35 but the real heating value is much more. This product is the best there is for your new home, addition, and business. Call us for estimates and more information on ICF possibilities.

We want pavers or stone or we don’t like plain concrete.
Decorative concrete is very versatile and we can make sidewalks, patios, driveways, and even steps look like stone and brick but with the durability, strength, and flexibility of concrete. The number of patterns, the choice of colors and the shape flexibility concrete offers many more possibilities than brick and stone.

Concrete is concrete, it doesn’t matter who puts it in.
This is simply untrue. It matters very much who installs your concrete. We, at the J.C. Miller & Sons company, are craftsman and take pride in the work we do. Some companies don’t stand behind their work, but we offer a five year warranty. We pour our concrete thick, we use steel re-bar in everything we pour. We love concrete and we believe we’re good at it.